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J Bioinform Comput Biol. 2006 Aug;4(4):887-909. PubMed

Optimal spectral coordination of subantennae in natural antennae as an efficient strategy for light harvesting in photosynthesis.

Novikov, A. A.; Taisova, A. S.; Fetisova, Z. G.

This work continues a series of our investigations on efficient strategies of functioning of natural light-harvesting antennae, initiated by a concept of rigorous optimization of photosynthetic apparatus by functional criterion, and deals with the problem of an optimal spectral coordination of subantennae in photosynthetic superantenna of the green bacterium Oscillochloris trichoides from a new family of green bacteria Oscillochloridaceae based in 2000. At present, two subantennae were identified surely: chlorosomal BChl c subantenna B750 and membrane BChl a subantennae B805-860. Some indirect experiments indicated on the presence of minor amounts of BChl a in isolated chlorosomes which allowed us to propose on the existence of an intermediate-energy subantenna which can connect the chlorosomal BChl c and the membrane BChl a ones. However, in the absorption spectra of isolated chlorosomes, this BChl a subantenna was not visually identified. This promoted us to perform a theoretical analysis of the optimality of spectral coordination of Oscillochloris trichoides subantennae. Using mathematical modeling for the functioning of the natural superantenna, we showed that an intermediate-energy subantenna, connecting B750 and B805-860 ones, allows one to control superantenna efficiency, i.e. to optimize the excitation energy transfer from B750 to B805 by functional criterion, and hence, the existence of such intermediate-energy subantenna is biologically expedient.


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