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Mol Biol (Mosk). 2007 Jul-Aug;41(4):711-8. PubMed

[A method for prediction of conserved RNA secondary structures].

Mironov, A. A.

The RNA secondary structure prediction is a classical problem in bioinformatics. The most efficient approach to this problem is based on the idea of a comparative analysis. In this approach the algorithms utilize multiple alignment of the RNA sequences and find common RNA structure. This paper describes a new algorithm for this task. This algorithm does not require predefined multiple alignment. The main idea of the algorithm is based on MEME-like iterative searching of abstract profile on different levels. On the first level the algorithm searches the common blocks in the RNA sequences and creates chain of this blocks. On the next step the algorithm refines the chain of common blocks. On the last stage the algorithm searches sets of common helices that have consistent locations relative to common blocks. The algorithm was tested on sets of tRNA with a subset of junk sequences and on RFN riboswitches. The algorithm is implemented as a web server (http://bioinf.fbb.msu.ru/RNAAlign/).


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