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Bull Exp Biol Med. 2008 Oct;146(4):506-11. PubMed

Heterogeneity of mitochondrial potential as a marker for isolation of pure cardiomyoblast population.

Khryapenkova, T. G.; Plotnikov, E. Y.; Korotetskaya, M. V.; Sukhikh, G. T.; Zorov, D. B.

Typical signs of cardiomyoblasts were determined: high mitochondrial membrane potential and high number of mitochondria in these cells compared to fibroblasts. These signs can be used for identification of these cells. Energy-dependent accumulation of highly specific mitochondrial fluorescent probes applied for visual detection of energized mitochondria allows clear-cut separation of the mixed population: cardiomyocyte population is characterized by higher transmembrane potential than concomitant cells. Using flow cytometry and cell sorting we obtained a population enriched with cardiomyocytes and cardiomyoblasts. Taking into account the fact that the dye has no toxic effect on cells and is rapidly eliminated, the risk of cell damage and death during isolation is considerably reduced compared to traditional methods. These results open possibilities for the development of a new specific method for isolation of cardiomyocyte culture from fetal and embryonic sources for their further use in clinical practice.


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