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Mol Biol (Mosk). 2009 Sep-Oct;43(5):866-81. PubMed

[On the phylogenetic position of Hexapoda within the Pancrustacea].

Aleshin, V. V.; Mikhailov, K. V.; Konstantinova, A. V.; Nikitin, M. A.; Rusin, L. I. u.; Buinova, D. A.; Kedrova, O. S.; Petrov, N. B.

Contemporary views on the phylogeny of arthropods are at odds with the traditional system, which recognizes four independent arthropod classes: Chelicerata, Crustacea, Myriapoda and Insecta. There is compelling evidence that insects in fact comprise a monophyletic lineage with Crustacea within a larger clade of Pancrustacea (=Tetraconata). Which crustacean group is the closest living relative of insects remains an open question. Recent phylogenetic analyses based on multiple genes suggest their sistership with "lower" crustaceans, the Branchiopoda. This relationship was often impeached to be caused by the long branch attraction artifact. We analyzed concatenated data on 77 ribosomal proteins, elongation factor 1 alpha (EF1A), initiation factor 5 alpha (alF5A) and other selected nuclear and mitochondrial proteins. Nuclear protein data supports the monophyly of Hexapoda, the clade uniting entognath and ectognath insects. Hexapoda and Branchiopoda comprise a monophyletic lineage in most analyses. Maxillopoda occupies the sister position to the Hexapoda + Branchiopoda. "Higher" crustaceans, the Malacostraca, in most reconstructions comprise a more basal lineage withinthe Pancrustacea. Molecular synapomorphies in low homoplastic regions are found for the clades Hexapoda Branchiopoda + Maxillopoda and the monophyletic Malacostraca containing the Phyllocarida. Therefore, the sistership of Hexapoda and Branchiopoda and their position within Entomostraca may in fact represent bona fide phylogenetic relationships.


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