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Bioorg Khim. 2009 Sep-Oct;35(5):610-7. PubMed

[New derivatives of azobenzene for the directed modification of proteins].

Khien le, T.; Shirling, B.; Riazanova, A. I. u.; Zatsepin, T. S.; Volkov, E. M.; Kubareva, E. A.; Velichko, T. I.; Pingoud, A.; Oretskaia, T. S.

Derivatives of azobenzene which contained a maleimide group in one of the benzene rings (for binding to a protein cysteine residue) and maleimide, hydroxyl, or carboxyl substitutes in another benzene ring were synthesized. The reactivity of these compounds towards a cysteine residue of a protein and their optical properties in a free state and after their attachment to the mutant forms of the SsoII restriction endonuclease were studied.


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